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Introducing the L-Series:

3M Cushion-Mount Plus Plate Mounting Tapes

3M Cushion-Mount Plus Plate Mounting Tapes
The tape used to secure your printing plates has a major impact on print process and quality.  If the adhesive isn’t just right, it can lead to costly downtime, damages and worker strain. 

3M™ L-Series Plate Mounting Tapes are engineered with intelligent adhesive that goes on fast, holds tight and comes off easily.  The adhesive features a patented crosshatching design with microchannels that help air bubbles escape.

Intelligent Adhesive
The adhesive formulation helps the printing plate hold on tight and remove easily

Channel Beautiful Results
Microchannels in the patented crosshatch design help air bubbles escape.

Printing Possibilities
A broad range of foam densities and thicknesses help you achieve designer results on almost any job. 

The Result:
Higher quality prints that are easier on your plates, your people and your process.

Contact your Williamson Technical Sales Representative for more information or to arrange a sample.

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