EXILE Technologies

EXILE Technologies offers a full range of thermal imagesetters in various sizes and resolutions.

Exile imagesetter models provide quality film output in sizes ranging from 14” to 54” wide by nearly any length.

Available models include:

  • Liberator XE — a premium industrial imagesetter system for Flexographic and corrugated printing. Prints at 1200 x 1200 dpi resolution, imaging of up to 6 inches per minute
  • Techsetter 2 — capable of producing professional, on-demand film separations with accuracy and consistency. Prints 1200 dpi at image speeds of up to 70 sq feet per hour

Exile’s thermal imagesetters work in your own office or shop without a darkroom, processors or chemicals, inks, dyes or toners. Exile imagesetters require only one thing — the film itself.

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